Control and upgrade again! China will build RFID for each car to identify the system(1)

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时间: 2018-06-15

According to the WSJ Wall Street Journal quoted people familiar with the matter, China plans to establish an electronic identification system covering all cars to improve the safety of the transportation system and help alleviate traffic congestion. Since the registration of the new car on July 1, 2018, the owner has voluntarily selected the RFID chip that is safely tracked by the user. All new cars will be mandatory from 2019.

In recent years, when the Chinese government conducts air pollution control and urban traffic management, the important means is to limit the use of automobiles, such as time-limited traffic restrictions and license plate supply according to the license plate number, in order to better improve public transportation safety, Alleviate the traffic congestion situation.

China is one of the largest auto markets in the world, with annual sales of nearly 30 million vehicles. If each new car is equipped with an electronic identification chip, China will soon establish the world's largest vehicle monitoring system to further expand the existing public monitoring system, including Widely used road monitoring, face recognition systems and network monitoring.

The electronic identification chip will be installed on the front windshield of the car. The identification system installed on the public road will transmit the identification result to the Chinese Ministry of Public Security. The system will record information such as the license plate and the appearance of the car, but will not position the vehicle. Positioning. In some provinces and cities in China, some vehicles have installed the identification system ETC, mainly to complete the automatic billing system at the highway toll station. The toll system identifies the vehicles passing through the toll booth, including license plate and cost information, vehicles. The payment process can be completed without stopping. In the United States and other countries, in-vehicle electronic identification chips are widely used in road toll collection systems, as well as in special-purpose vehicles, including electronic identification systems installed on port cargo trucks for tracking location and cargo information.

At present, China's road system has a very perfect monitor that can identify the image of the car. The image capture and recognition is lower than the cost of the electronic identification system. However, when the weather conditions are not good, the identification effect of the monitor lens will be Greatly discounted, the electronic identification system will not be limited by the weather, and the identification and data transmission can be completed more quickly. In particular, the electronic identification chip of the car cannot be changed, and the image recognition system will face problems such as number occlusion, even if other license plates are used. The electronic identification system can also accurately obtain the registration information of the car. In some cities in China, restrictions are imposed on the travel time and range of different license plates. The management method is to monitor the license plate information, and the accuracy of identification is very important.

In addition, the automotive electronic identification system established in China will only limit the use of RFID chips produced by Chinese companies, and will be able to introduce the development of the RFID chip industry. At present, the program has been tested in some cities in China. In 2016, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province has started to install RFID chips for all taxis, trucks and buses. Shenzhen also launched a similar system in 2016 to collect information related to car registration. Such as license plate number and body color, but does not include the owner information.

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