RFID alcohol anti-counterfeiting system solution

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时间: 2013-11-29

The advantage of RFID alcohol anti-counterfeiting is that each tag has a unique ID number that cannot be modified or copied. Using RFID technology, alcohol anti-counterfeiting has no mechanical wear and anti-fouling; the reader can encrypt the electronic tag and ensure the security of the physical interface open to the end user; the data security is in addition to the password protection of the tag, the data Some algorithms can be used for security management; there is a mutual authentication process between the reader and the tag; the data storage is large, the content can be erased multiple times, and the RFID-based logistics and supply chain management system can be established. It can record the whole process of production, warehousing and sales of each bottle of wine, and can automatically count the output, sales and other information. When the anti-counterfeiting effect is achieved, it can achieve more information and realize the informationization of management.

The use of RFID alcohol anti-counterfeiting technology can prevent counterfeit products from flowing into the sales market, control product quality, sales personnel supervision and management, formulate reasonable service strategies, strengthen control over the market, guide enterprise product design positioning and improve the timeliness of business decisions.

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